“Beacon Health saved my life. I really don’t think I would be here today if I had not gotten help from so many services.”

“Without the staff at Beacon Health I would not have the life that I have today. They helped me get a job I like, get set up in my own apartment and learn to like myself. Thank you.”

“Coming to Beacon Health has helped me put my marriage back together and get a job. My days are wonderful again.”

“I’m sure glad I found Beacon Health. We have struggled for years with my son’s illness and your services have helped us to cope better.”

“Our daughter has made up her mind to continue with the medication program she has been receiving at Beacon Health. Simply put, this is an answer to prayer. Let me just say that her family thanks Beacon Health for helping to save her life. She was on a train to nowhere, but now works, stays out of trouble, pays taxes, and has more self-esteem than we could have ever have imagined. All I can say is “Thank You.” As they say, “A life saved, makes it all worthwhile.”

Your support of Beacon Health helps build a stronger community – one person at a time.