Beacon Health’s Consumers Choice Cleaners (CCC) provides janitorial service for small and medium-sized businesses throughout Lake County and surrounding communities. CCC services are scheduled by contract to meet individual customer needs for daytime or evening hours, including weekends. Other one-time cleanings or short-term contracts can be arranged, call for details.

What can Consumers Choice Cleaners do for you?

As a business owner:

  • Affordable janitorial services
  • Provides quality cleaning
  • Promotes social good in the community

As a mental health client:

  • Offers a quality work experience
  • Provides on-the-job training
  • Helps increase daily living skills

Who does Consumers Choice Cleaners serve?

  • Small to mid-sized Lake County businesses
  • Lake County mental health consumers

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Questions about Consumers Choice Cleaners?
Please contact 440-639-3526 for information.