Good people sometimes make bad decisions as a result of mental illness and substance abuse.

Beacon Health provides mental health and related services for those who are incarcerated as well as clients on probation.  Team members work with other Lake County agencies to coordinate help for the individual needs of mental health consumers.

What can the Forensic Services Team do for you?

  • Help with options other than jail
  • Educate the community
  • Provide court-ordered assessments
  • Evaluate medical and/or counseling needs
  • Provide advocacy in the community and in Mental Health Court
  • Lake County Jail Services – evaluation, anger management, medication, etc.
  • Case Management

Who does the Forensic Services Department serve?

  • Lake County mental health consumers
  • Other mental health professionals
  • Police and fire department professionals
  • Those persons involved in the criminal court justice system
  • Looking for more information?
  • Ohio Criminal Justice Coordinating Center of Excellence
  • Lake County Sheriff’s Office
  • Mentor Municipal Court

For questions and additional information regarding our Beacon Health’s Criminal Justice Programs call our Forensic Services Manager at 440-856-0225.